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Ravyn Neal, Esquire is a lady of charm, world-traveler and most notably an Attorney at Law. Ravyn was born and raised in Baltimore, MD where she ultimately decided she wanted to make a gleaming impact on the world. Ravyn studied and worked hard and her accomplishments ultimately landed her a four-year career at the illustrious higher-learning institution of Howard University located in the Nation’s Capital. During her tenure at Howard University, Ravyn majored in English, minored in PR and used what was left of her time to join the band and immerse herself in student leadership activities. Using her English and PR background, Ravyn made the biggest decision of her life – to attend law school following Spring Commencement of 2013.


After completing her first year of law school at Thurgood Marshall School of Law, Ravyn decided she wanted to pursue a career in Entertainment Law and relocated to Los Angeles to attend and graduate from Southwestern Law School. During Law School, Ravyn quickly landed an internship geared towards Entertainment law at BET Networks. Working at BET afforded Ravyn the opportunity to work in Business & Legal Affairs where she gained a plethora of experience learning from top attorneys in the entertainment industry and handling agreements for talent, directors, producers, writers and music composers. After commencement, Ravyn continued her career at dick clark productions, inc. and The Mark Gordon Company. The work Ravyn put forth at these companies helped her gain momentum and fast-track her own career to open her very own Entertainment and Small Business Law practice.


The Law Office of Ravyn Neal is a law firm focused on the rights of entertainers and helps one seek representation regarding the laws and enforcement of entertainment deals. Ravyn’s experience is vast and covers working in television production assisting with both scripted and unscripted programming, handling agreements for digital series, film financing and award shows, and consulting on guild minimums and rights. So needless to say, she not only gets the job done – she gets it done veraciously. Since starting the Law Office of Ravyn Neal, Ravyn has worked with elite individuals and has even started a joint-venture geared towards millennial travel.


Although Ravyn spends majority of her time defending and upholding the law, she has mastered so much more; such as, becoming a Licensed Nail Tech, starting a family run non-profit called The McKenzie Pantry Foundation, LLC and living her dream of world travel. In addition to that, Ravyn can never start the day without music and loves all things entertainment. She devotes her spare time to binge watching old and new tv series and is always caught up on the most popular tv series and films, just ask.


Ravyn is a member of The Black Women Lawyers Association, The Black Entertainment and Sports Law Association and The Langston Bar Association.

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